Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pricing and Quotations

  • Konno reserves the right to reject a purchaser’s acceptance of a quotation at any point. Konno may choose to identify that a quote will be applicable for a specific period of time and allow the purchaser to accept the quote within that time frame.
  • Unless bound by contract, Konno reserves the right to alter any and all price lists without notice
  • Due to unforeseeable events, any and all variations to an order, which may cause extended labour, additional time, etc., due to missing or unclear information and/or extensive requests, pricing will be adjusted to reflect any and all costs involved.


  • Each item produced by Konno shall be completed according to order details entailed in the approved order form and mock up.
  • Konno may choose to identify and propose modifications to items in production prior to order delivery date
  • All confirmed artwork and order details outlined in the Mock Up and Order forms are binding and therefore may not be adjustable during the production process. All changes outlined after confirmation of details will be subject to new charges
  • Any and all logo confirmations are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Any approved logo including text cannot be changed during production
  • While in production, Konno may purpose that a small sample logo or test swatch of an entire item before manufacturing of order continues. Any delay in approvals will not be Konno’s responsibility
  • All mock up and proofs are the best possible representations of the purchaser’s desired artwork and colours. Graphic elements, including logos and designs, are not to scale. Should the purchaser request one, a pre-production sample may be purchased and/or provided. Confirmation on artwork and turnaround time may be adjusted if the purchaser will require modifications.

Cancellations, Returns and Warranty

  • All custom manufactured items that have been approved and purchased by the customer are not eligible for cancelations and/or returns. These items are customized solely to the purchaser or their respective organization and are not resalable by Konno.
  • Should the purchaser choose to cancel an order once production commences (after order form approval), the purchaser will not be eligible for a refund in deposit,
  • Konno reserves the right to also enforce a cancellation fee of up to 50% to recover lost production time and materials
  • Should a manufacturer defect be identified by a purchaser, this item may be returned to Konno for inspection within a reasonable time frame of 21 days.
  • Manufacturer defects must not be caused by usual wear and tear, accidental damage, or failure to follow care instructions outlined. Items must not be altered or repaired by any outside source
  • Damaged or incorrectly manufactured products will either be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of the company, at no cost to the purchaser. Items will be under warranty up to 30 days after acceptance and delivery, unless otherwise stated by Konno
  • Products that are unrepairable or not replaceable will be fully refunded by Konno.
  • Konno will not cover or reimburse delivery costs for any item returned, except the item is deemed to be a manufacturer defect
  • All items manufactured or sold by Konno will hold the same 30 day warranty limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the item(s) ordered.


  • Standard payment terms are:
    • 50% deposit upon approval of order form, including approved artwork mock up
    • Balance paid prior to completion date in order to receive order
    • Konno will accept approved orders without deposit payment in the following circumstances:
      • Purchase Order (P.O.) provided by a reliable legal organization or company (i.e. School Board, University or  College)
      • Valid credit card provided by customer and authorization to hold the entire invoice amount
      • Credit terms agreed upon with Konno prior to any purchase being placed, outlining the conditions of the agreement
      • Should credit terms be arranged, Konno has the right to charge an interest rate of 2.5% per month for every 30 days past due