Konno Introduces “Kourtesy Masks”

COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically impact our daily lives. Courtesy masks have become a great way to help protect those around you. The only problem is, however, there aren’t enough to go around.

To help combat the spread of the virus and respond  to the shortage of medical supplies such as  masks, Konno is now offering  the public  non-medical masks –  with a cool and creative twist. From floral design to camo to tie-dye, we’re now offering over 20 masks (and dozens more to come!). Our hope is that providing the public with colourful, design-oriented masks will incentivize  people to wear them and in turn reduce the spread of the virus.

Despite popular belief, courtesy masks more so to protect others from you – not the other way around. Although masks  provide a barrier to the wearer, the biggest benefit is that the wearer is taking the extra precaution of potentially spreading the disease and harming others. New evidence shows that wearing a non-medical mask can serve as an extra measure to reduce the chance of one’s respiratory spray from coming into contact with others, or  landing and residing on surfaces for a period of time.

There is a real shortage of medical masks for front-line workers. Nurses and doctors who are caring for infected COVID-19 patients as well as others suffering from non-related illnesses or diseases should have full access to medical masks to not only reduce their risk, but also prevent them from spreading the virus to potentially high-risk patients.

Making courtesy masks the new normal

The public’s participation in wearing courtesy masks is nothing new to the world. People in countries like Japan have been doing so for years. Interestingly, they serve a dual purpose – they’re not only used for hygiene, but some believe masks enhance their attractiveness – they’re a fashion statement that also emphasizes a person’s  eyes.

Japan saw mask culture originate as early as 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic and has since seen a rise in mask usage year after year..  Manufacturers have gone as far as adding stylized features such as scented fragrances to help mask unpleasant smells in public spaces, or have lotions added to them to  help improve  skin quality. Making courtesy masks a trendy accessory has helped promote social consciousness and reduces the spread of germs and illness by wearing them in public spaces.

At a time with so much uncertainty and risk, join us in our contribution and efforts to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus with our version of Konno’s “Kourtesy” Masks. But let’s have a bit of fun while we’re at it by making it a fashion statement, not a chore.

View our available mask designs here.