• KONNO reserves the right to reject a purchaser’s acceptance of a quotation at any point. KONNO may choose to identify that a quotation will be applicable for a specific period and allow the purchaser to accept the quotation within that time frame.
  • Unless bound by contract, KONNO reserves the right to alter any and all price lists without notice.
  • KONNO reserves the right to adjust the quotation/pricing to cover any additional costs incurred (e.g. additional labour, time, materials etc.) as a result of missing or unclear information and/or extensive requests, or any unforeseeable events.
  • All orders require a signed acceptance of the KONNO Terms and Conditions by the Client/Distributor/Account Executive in order to be accepted for production. In the case where the Distributor/Account Executive signs off on the KONNO Terms and Conditions on the behalf of their client, they accept full responsibility that order will be bound by the KONNO Terms and Conditions, and will be responsible for any cost incurred as a result of said Terms and Conditions not being met.


  • Size sample sets are billable at a discounted Sample rate for all distributors and customers. Sample sizers that are available for borrow, must be returned within 14 days. If size set is not returned within 14 days, they will be billed at full MSRP.


  • For all graphics and artwork policies, please see the attached KONNO Artwork Policy document.
  • All orders must be accompanied by a customer and KONNO approved digital mock up. Artwork details and policies can be found in the attached KONNO Artwork Policy document.
  • All mock ups are the best possible representations of the purchaser’s desired artwork and colours. Graphic elements, including logos and designs, are not to scale.
  • Preproduction samples, or Preproduction print outs of panels are available upon request and are chargeable. KONNO strongly recommends use of preproduction samples/printed panels to confirm artwork whenever possible. Time for Preproduction samples should always be factored into the sales process, as delivery dates are based on final approvals of artwork (including a Preproduction sample), receipt of deposit and acceptance of the KONNO Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the Preproduction sample may also result in changes to the completion date.
  • Printed colour swatches are available upon request at no charge.
  • KONNO will communicate what constitutes reinvented artwork based on the extent of the desired changes.
  • Preproduction samples are a billable item and can only be waived at KONNO’s discretion.
  • Preproduction samples are billable at 2x the cost of the item being ordered.
  • Preproduction samples may require up to 2 weeks to complete.
  • Printed panels are also billable at 30% of the individual garment.
  • Sales reps are responsible for confirmation of any specs/rules/regulations required for production with the client (e.g. logo size, governing body logos, number size and positioning, name size and positioning).


  • KONNO is not responsible for incorrect sizes that are produced based on customer/distributor submission. It is the sole responsibility of the customer/distributor to select the best/ appropriate sizes based on physical samples and/or supplied sizing charts.
  • As with any manufacturing processes, our sizing is subject to tolerances. These tolerances are typically noted on the sizing charts. Any manufactured products that fall within these tolerances and are produced according to the size submitted via the order form, do not constitute a manufacturing error, and are therefore not subject to being remade at KONNO’s expense.


  • Initial minimum order on most items is 12. There are some exceptions. Please refer to pricelist for those items.
  • Orders under the minimum order quantity will be subject to a set up fee surcharge. To understand this cost, determine the number under the minimum and multiply by 25% MSRP. For example, customer wants 9 items. This is 3 items under the minimum. If the item price is $50, multiply by 3 items ($150) and multiply by 25% ($150 x 25%=$37.50).


  • Each item produced by KONNO shall be completed according to order details provided in the approved order form and mock up. This includes spelling of names, logos, graphic elements, sizes, etc. Orders submitted into production, whether approved by the client or their sales representative are considered approved for production.
  • KONNO may choose to identify and propose modifications to items in production prior to order completion date. Whenever possible/necessary, the Sales Representative will be notified so that they can in turn inform the client.
  • All confirmed artwork and order details outlined in the Mock Up and Order forms (logos, sizes, numbers, placement) are binding and therefore may not be adjusted during the production process without incurring additional costs. Any changes requested by client and or Sales Representative after approval of details may be subject to additional charges and/or a revised completion date.
  • Completion dates are calculated from the date of approval of artwork, order form and receipt of deposit and acceptance of the KONNO Terms and Conditions.
  • While in production, KONNO may propose that a small sample logo or test swatch of an entire item be printed and pressed and sent for client approval before manufacturing of the order continues. Should the approval be delayed, or additional changes to the artwork be identified and required, the order may be subject to a revised completion date. If no swatch has been requested by distributor/client, KONNO will produce the order to the best of our interpretation and notes presented. If no specifics are given in terms of colour and/or logo/name/number sizes, KONNO reserves the right to use discretion in choosing the most appropriate measurements.
  • Any and all logo confirmations are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Any changes to approved logos including text beyond the allotted grace period are subject to additional charges and a revised completion date.
  • If artwork must be amended due to an error on the part of KONNO, revisions are limited to the identified error only. Any request to make additional changes beyond said identified errors are subject to additional charges and/or a revised completion date (e.g. if there was a spelling error made by KONNO, and the client requests to change a logo since we’re making the correction to the artwork. In this instance, the client will be charged for additional artwork, and the order will be subject to a revised completion date.)
  • All change requests are to be submitted in writing through the KONNO Online Portal, or via email. Verbal requests in cases where immediate interruption of the production process is required, must be immediately followed by a written request clearly outlining the changes and the reason for the changes.


  • Add on and reorders must be done in the same product and cut. Any application of the same artwork to a different product or cut will be subject to the same pricing and turnaround times as a new order and must meet the minimum order threshold.


  • 12-49 total pieces- 4 weeks.
  • 50-99 total pieces- 5 weeks
  • 100+ total pieces- 6 weeks
  • Orders with a quantity of over 200 units are to be scheduled in accordance to KONNO’s production schedule and capacity, where a date will be provided upon review.
  • All orders that require an earlier date, may be requested by the customer/distributor but are not guaranteed and will be subject to a 20% surcharge. KONNO has identified the following as our at capacity production period: Oct 1-Dec 30. During capacity production periods, rush orders are not possible. KONNO may identify other periods during the year as capacity production periods where rush orders are not possible.
  • To guarantee a specific date, charges may apply. Earlier dates are subject to approval.
  • Completion dates outlined on order forms are considered Target Dates at the date of approval and are not guaranteed completion dates. Completion dates may vary by 3-5 business days beyond the target date. If the actual completion date goes beyond 5 business days, KONNO will extend a XX% discount on the next order. Exceptions to the above are in cases where the requested fabric is unavailable due to supply shortages. In a case where there is a supply shortage, KONNO will recommend an alternative fabric solution of comparable quality and price/point. In cases where the alternative fabric is more expensive, KONNO will honour the pricing of the original fabric.
  • KONNO is not responsible for production delays as a result of supply shortages, statutory holidays or other circumstances beyond our control (e.g. acts of God). We will however work with our clients and representatives to provide alternative solutions where possible, in such events.


  • KONNO will pack orders based on industry standard packing norms. Industry standard packing is included in the production time for the items. KONNO will do our best to minimize boxing by condensing orders into the minimal number of boxes to minimize shipping expenses. Ex. An order for 12 jerseys and 12 shorts would be packed into one box.
  • KONNO can specialty pack (eg. by team etc.) but this service request must be included at order placement and is subject to KONNO approval. Packing list must be provided to KONNO using a fillable standard template form provided by KONNO. A $50 handling fee for specialty packing will be added to the order invoice. Examples of specialty packing are packing by team.


  • All estimated completion dates are FOB Mississauga. Shipping charges and delivery times vary. KONNO is not responsible for delays in shipping or additional fees, including customs.
  • All orders requiring shipping will require signature upon delivery unless otherwise specified by the client. If customer/distributor chooses to exclude this service, lost packages will not be KONNO’s responsibility.
  • If correct address is provided, and package is declined by signee for whatever reason, KONNO is not responsible.
  • Any damage to order while in transit needs to be reported within 3 business days after receipt of goods.


  • All custom manufactured items that have been approved and purchased by the customer are not eligible for cancellations and/or returns. These items are customized solely to the purchaser or their respective organization and are not resalable by KONNO.
  • Stock, undecorated items are returnable up to 14 days after purchase and must be unused and in good condition.
  • Should the purchaser choose to cancel an order once production commences (after order form approval), the purchaser will not be eligible for a refund of their deposit.
  • KONNO reserves the right to enforce a cancellation fee of up to 50% to recover lost production time and materials
  • Should a manufacturer defect be identified by a purchaser, this item may be returned to KONNO for inspection within a reasonable time frame of 5 days.
  • Manufacturer defects must not be caused by usual wear and tear, accidental damage, or failure to follow care instructions outlined. Items must not be altered or repaired by any outside source.
  • Damaged or incorrectly manufactured products will either be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of KONNO, at no cost to the purchaser. Items will be under warranty up to 30 days after acceptance and delivery, unless otherwise stated by KONNO.
  • Products that are unrepairable or not replaceable will be fully refunded by KONNO.
  • KONNO will not cover or reimburse delivery costs for any item returned, except if the item is deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect.
  • All items manufactured or sold by KONNO will hold the same 30-day warranty limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the item(s) ordered.
  • All defective items that have been replaced by KONNO are to be returned immediately. Failure to return said items may result in an additional charge of up to 100% of the initial order.


Standard payment terms are:

  • 50% Deposit upon approval of order form, including approved artwork mock-up and acceptance of the KONNO Terms and Conditions.
  • Balance paid prior to completion date in order to receive order.

KONNO will accept approved orders without deposit payment in the following circumstances:

  • Purchase Order (P.O.) provided by a reliable legal organization or company (i.e. School Board, University or College).
  • Valid credit card provided by customer and authorization to hold the entire invoice amount.
  • Credit terms agreed upon with KONNO prior to any purchase being placed, outlining the conditions of the agreement.
  • Should credit terms be arranged, KONNO has the right to charge an interest rate of 2.5% per month for past due amounts.

KONNO Terms and Conditions PDF